Scion has called upon seven dynamic contemporary and internationally-recognized artists to create original artwork inspired by and in celebration of the all-new 2008 xB urban utility vehicle. The artwork will be displayed at "Want2BSquare" art shows in New York and Los Angeles, and carry the theme of squares, boxes and cubes to follow the xB's boxy style.

"The 'Want2BSquare' show is a great opportunity to blend the creative art world with the launch of the second generation xB," said Nancy Inouye, Scion advertising manager. "Scion will continue to promote artistic creativity in special gallery executions like this."

Each artist was asked to paint on canvases of two square sizes, 48" x 48" and 24" x 24", which were then assembled into cubes that will be suspended from the ceiling at various heights throughout the gallery. Smaller cubes will display the artwork on the outside, while the larger cubes will show artwork on the inside enabling the viewer to gaze up into the artwork from directly beneath the box.

Guests will be able to meet the artists at both shows and have the opportunity to purchase the original art work. All proceeds from the sales will go directly to the artists.